In this hands-on private session, Susan assists you through her unique blend of craniosacral touch, shamanic insight and sound healing to create greater well-being for body, mind and spirit.

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Through workshops, circles and blogs explore ways to feel more happiness inside and discover how that leads to greater compassion and kindness in your everyday world.

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Susan is currently offering stimulating opportunities for personal growth and self - awareness. Through private sessions and a variety of gatherings and media, she presents new perspectives on living a more fulfilling and spirit-based life.

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What's Happening Now
Frosty nights are upon us.   It's hard to let go of the warmth and light of summer; we don't want to surrender to the darkness!  But Fall is a great time to look into our own dark inner worlds, to discover that just maybe surrender could be a good thing.  Inside we can find thoughts, feelings and pain we have held onto much too long, that just get in the way of our happiness and well-being. With Soul Medicine-Body Wisdom I help to let go and discover new ways to love and live.  Sign up for a session today.

Greater Well-Being for Body, Mind and Spirit, Brings Greater Clarity, Compassion and Purpose To Every Day.

Susan weaves the wisdom of the ancient healing arts with contemporary energy medicine in a practice that can heal and revitalize you. Her approach is based in neuroscience, psychology and teachings from the shamanic traditions. Susan does this work with individual clients in a unique approach called Soul Medicine-Body Wisdom. She also offers small group and social media experiences through Practical Spirituality, where connections are fostered and experiences shared.

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