W e l c o m e

I invite you to join me on the inspiring journey of living upward.

Living Upward is the call to:

• Live with intention
• Connect with compassion
• Give with gratitude
• Participate in a life greater than our own

You have come to the right place to be inspired and join the movement to live upward.

About Susan

Susan Maycock is an author and artist, shaman and scientist, a practitioner of the healing arts, and a passionate participant and guide in the movement of living upward.

About the Book

After Rain is a guide for creating greater meaning, purpose, and happiness every day. Every page takes you on an adventure into new ideas, each illustrated with a beautiful image. Together the words and art are designed to spark your curiosity, open your heart, and inspire you to live upward with courage, compassion, and grace.


At interactive readings, workshops and presentations, we connect to explore new practices for living upward. These practices first take us inward to learn how stillness and presence can open our hearts, and then send us back into the world to discover that a life well-lived — one of compassion, gratitude, and generosity — is a life larger than our own, and contributes to the greater good of all humankind and the planet we inhabit. Come and join in.

Susan Maycock is a visionary. She writes with an awareness of herself in the world, of the rightness of natural change, of the power of place, and of nourishing wisdom that doesn’t overwhelm or preach. She brings you gently along in her observations of seasons, of spiritual alterations, and of the enormous power of the open spirit. Her book, After Rain, honors both natural and spiritual realms, joins them together with intelligence and wit, and offers the reader a gentle logic, easily absorbed and instantly usable. Each of her splendid tiny essays is a foray into heart and mind that will stay with you, season your own thoughts, and open your eyes. It’s a lasting book, a take-it-with-you-wherever book. A wonderful read.


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