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For more than 40 years, I’ve been dedicated to helping others find emotional balance, inner peace and the courage to live upward.

After receiving a Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling many years ago I worked in mental health, criminal justice, and public school settings, and in private practice. I founded a grassroots center for parent support and education, and later became a non-profit and corporate consultant in work and family life, mentoring, and workplace communication.

After a long career in counseling and consulting, I awakened fully to my artistic nature and established myself as a fine-art photographer. This led me down the path to Santa Fe, New Mexico where art and spirituality merged. During my decade in the West I explored and expanded my knowledge of both ancient and contemporary science-based healing practices. Over time I wove these new threads of knowledge into a unique private practice that combines the traditions of shamanism with the art and science of craniosacral therapy and sound healing.

For my entire career I have been a leader of interactive and inspirational programs in a wide range of community settings, offering participants tools and wisdom for both personal and collective change. The settings have varied from large to small, but the format is always intimate and experiential. My intention, always, is to foster greater compassion, purpose, and fulfillment for all.

Most recently I have published a book called After Rain. In it I bring together my passion for words and art that inspire. After Rain is my gift of gratitude to all who have touched my life and helped me to grow, prosper and love. It is my hope that you will spread the gratitude and gift it to those who have touched your lives too.

I currently reside in Bernardston, Massachusetts.

The power of Susan Maycock’s new book, After Rain, is its invitation to the reader … to reflect for oneself, to use both eye and intellect to consider meaning, and to pose challenges to oneself about the future. Frequently using metaphors and analogies, Susan’s language never preaches.  Rather, she “re-presents” both nature and the human spirit in the frame of her own life and invites readers to do the same for theirs.  You can read just a few pages at a time if you choose, you can focus just on the visual images of her professional photography, and you can create your own dots to follow the story unfolding.  What the reader as a thinker takes away is as important as what the author as a healer has offered, and therein lies the power of the book’s invitation.


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If you have questions, want to schedule an event or to let me know your thoughts on living upward, I am happy to hear from you.


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