More and more we are talking about our "boundaries." We set them as a way to take better care of ourselves. We discern who and what diminishes us in some way and we choose to distance...

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A Gift for You

Everyday I have the power to choose who I'll be. When I wrote my book, After Rain, I chose to balance this serious effort with playfulness and ease. I knew these intentions were...

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The Easy Way Out

When I arrived for a visit with my three-year old grandson, Birch, he was stamping his feet, hiding in the corner and whining that today is “the worst day of my life.” I get it. Bad moments can...

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A Walk in the Woods

It’s chilly outside, but no problem. I’m in need of a walk in the woods so I bundle up and head out to the edge of our property where I join a trail that takes me on my journey. Ah, but now I have...

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