A Gift for You

Everyday I have the power to choose who I'll be. When I wrote my book, After Rain, I chose to balance this serious effort with playfulness and ease. I knew these intentions were...

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The Best Day of My Life

Is it possible to make today the best day of my life? Actually I'm the only one who can! My fate is not determine by the events of the day but by my perceptions of them. It's true - I...

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Sing a Song of Gratitude

Gratitude is the song I want to sing all day long. When I open my heart wide to the present moment I hear the song and join in. I send it right back out, singing to you in a spirit of...

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The Easy Way Out

When I arrived for a visit with my three-year old grandson, Birch, he was stamping his feet, hiding in the corner and whining that today is “the worst day of my life.” I get it. Bad moments can...

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A Walk in the Woods

It’s chilly outside, but no problem. I’m in need of a walk in the woods so I bundle up and head out to the edge of our property where I join a trail that takes me on my journey. Ah, but now I have...

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No Rush

I have mixed feelings about the end of Summer. I’m tired of the heat and endless supply of zucchinis. I grieve the loss of sunlight, and yet I’m in a hurry to feel the cool crisp air on my face and...

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