Rodeo cowboys are a unique bunch, and they know a lot about living upward! Here are the basics…

Behind the scenes in the pen, I watched this rider mount the bull, carefully settling on his back, feeling the mood of the animal. The cowboy was fully present, his senses sharp, his awareness focused, and his thoughts quiet.

Then the shoot opened and out they came. After years of mental and physical preparation for this moment, the cowboy could no longer plan or predict. So in a spirit of complete acceptance, he moved with the bull. Amazingly, he did not resist. I saw the courage it took to ride, but I also saw the courage it took for him to surrender to the unknown outcome of this harrowing adventure.

In watching them I realized too, that neither was in charge. They were actually in a partnership, sharing an adventure, meeting this wild challenge together.

So if we want to live and every day, this cowboy would very likely tell us to follow his lead: think less, live in the moment, accept it as it comes, don’t resist, do your best, then have the courage to surrender to what you can’t control, and always remember that you and the bull are in this together!